Creative GIFTS that fit in an ENVELOPE

What gift will fit in an envelope and how to make the envelope special?

Such a small gift has many advantages:

1. You don’t need to think about how to wrap it, just select a greeting card with an envelope and the gift is already beautifully designed.

2. You don’t need to worry about carrying a gift to the place of event or celebration, it fits in a small bag or a pocket of your jacket.

3. You can mail this gift to someone who lives far away from you or even abroad.

kraft envelope decoration with bird seal sticker elemente design

What gift fits in an envelope?

Cash (you can even use a different currency, it will be more creative).

A gift card to any shop.

Ticket for a concert, theatre, sports, or events.

SPA & wellness gift voucher.

Small jewelry.

Special pins or brooches.

Collectible stamps or coins for those who love it.

Small wall decor (If you choose our ART greeting card, it will be 2in1, a card and home decor).

palm leaves botanical greeting card home decor elemente design 

If you have any more ideas on what kind of gift can fit in an envelope, please comment below, let's share these ideas with each other.

How to make an envelope look special?

Turn a simple envelope into a creative gift.

In my opinion, a brown кraft envelope is the best choice!

🌿They are so neutral, natural, and special, therefore, all our cards come with such an envelope.

 red apple greeting card envelope decoration elemente design minimalist kraft envelope decoration with seal sticker elemente design kraft envelope decoration idea elemente design

Express emotions in a more meaningful way.

elemente design stamp made with love special for you

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