Send a smile by the mail

In this uncertain time stay calm and positive. Spread some smiles, send a little note to help brighten someone's day.

A little surprise in a mailbox is sure to bring a smile to the faces of the ones you care for, especially those who live too far from you, the thing that the card went all the way from you to a recipient makes feel your presence despite the distance.

The card will stay as a meaningful souvenir to remind this time we went through together. Let's make the world better. And don't forget to keep safe yourself and others around you.


 We want to let you know about the steps we are taking to ensure our costumers remain happy and healthy.

  • We have a small business and we are working from home, so we responsibly follow quarantine rules
  • The strictest hygiene standards are being followed, all travel has been paused
  • There is no need to sign for the order you get from us and the packaging size allows it to go straight into your mailbox

P.S. Many people are asking, is it safe to receive and handle a shipment? The World Health Organisation and Centers for Disease Control have stated that the likelihood of catching the virus by touching cardboard is very low.

Thank you for your support as a customer. 

Let's go through these together by cheering up each other.

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